In honor of International Women's Day, Julie De Laet, will be organizing a free interactive group session with a delicious lunch at Brain Embassy Antwerp as part of our Female Embassy Week.

Do you want to know?

Why lots of ambition without connection to your intuition ultimately leads nowhere?

Why you can't make valuable connections with others before your head, heart and gut are strongly connected?

Why the answers you seek outside yourself can only be found within?

Why sustainable success is only achievable this way?

> Then join this session!

'No succeSs without connecting to youR intuition!'

Interactive lunch session

During this interactive group session, Julie De Laet, Female Leadership Coach and founder of The Connectique, will take you through the importance of a strong connection with yourself and your intuition.

By understanding the power of true connection and learning how to harness it to make your vision a reality, you will gain the tools needed to achieve sustainable success as an ambitious woman.

Whatever that may be for you, both at home and at work.

The session with delicious lunch will take place at Brain Embassy Antwerp. We start at 12:15 sharp and the session lasts about an hour. You are also welcome to cowork with us for free before and/or after the session.

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*This session will be given in Dutch*


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