'If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in your room.'

With that famous quote by Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop) in mind, our members of the University of Antwerp transform Brain Embassy into Green Embassy next week. Every day, you will receive tips for living more sustainably and consuming less energy.

The Green office of the University of Antwerp is a student platform that aims to encourage other students and employees to live more sustainably. Every year, the Green office organizes a challenge between faculties, research groups, etc. The Faculty of Business and Economics has already won that challenge two years in a row.

Eat that, Red Devils!

This year, the faculty is raising the bar even higher. From their home base sky high on the tenth floor of Brain Embassy, they don't just want to renew their title, they want to inspire all Brain Embassy members to lower their energy consumption. Two birds with one stone: your wallet and the planet will both thank you.

Green Embassy

Brain Embassy becomes Green Embassy for a week. As a member you will receive new tips every day to lower your energy consumption. From delicious cooking in one pan to a big clean-up of those 7,893 maps and files on your computer.

Thursday, we encourage all our members to come to work in your warmest, comfiest and ugliest Christmas sweater. Don't have one in your wardrobe? The ‘Kringwinkel’ to the rescue! In the afternoon, we invite you for a drink and a snack (vegetarian, of course) and the team of the University of Antwerp will, among other things, put together a sustainability quiz.

“We went looking for tips that you haven’t already heard 500 times and that you can easily apply in your daily life. Every avalanche starts with a snowflake. Living more sustainably starts with small steps, but eventually it becomes a second nature, says Kathleen Andries from the University of Antwerp.”

Hot enough?

We want to turn our Brain Embassy into a Green Embassy all day, every day. Not one week a year, but 52 weeks a year. That is why we are reaching out to you, our beloved members. We are looking for ideas to make our co-working space greener, more sustainable and more energy efficient. Our bike desks are a great way to warm up on a chilly winter day, but maybe you cycle so fast you can generate electricity for the entire floor? Or, who knows, perhaps we can turn down the heating a degree, because you're all hot enough already?

We are sure that you can come up with much better tips. If you have an idea to make Brain Embassy a bit more sustainable, send it to our mail: info@brainembassy.be. We welcome wild, revolutionary ideas, but we are especially on the lookout for small, everyday tweaks. Remember the avalanche? From little things big things grow.

So, will you be the one who makes us greener?

Team brain embassy

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