Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your profession?

"I am an entrepreneur, a young entrepreneur and I have a social media agency, called Twaalfde Man, where we focus on social media for businesses. You can also find me at Karel De Grote, where I teach trends in social advertising to the second year students of Cross Media. Oh, and my name is Jasper Dockx, I am 25 years old and live in Berchem! But originally, I am from the Kempen.

My journey with Twaalfde Man started when I was 20-years-old, during my second year of studying Cross Media. Actually it all started with my hairdresser who asked if I could make her a website. After that I got a request for an after movie for the KLJ and then another party asked if I could advertise their event on Facebook.

Then I thought: “I'm going to apply for a VAT number so that I can send that invoice. Because how cool does it sound that I can say, "I'll send you the invoice".

So a big shoutout to my hairdresser for giving me that extra push."

How did you get to know the Brain Embassy Antwerp?

"A friend of mine worked here for a few months, so I saw it passing by a couple of times on Instagram. But mostIy through LinkedIn! I'm on LinkedIn a lot myself and had seen a few posts passing by and so I started following you guys.

It certainly wasn’t bad in our previous coworking, but the Brain Embassy has such a certain vibe and a group of people you want to belong to. A lot of freelancers, a lot of young entrepreneurs, who I already knew and are doing super well. Then I said to the team: “we're definitely going to check it out!”. At first, they weren’t a big fan because they had already made friends in the meantime in our previous coworking - but I said: “Sorry, I've got to go and take a look over there”.

And then I came in here…

We hadn’t even completely gone up the stairs yet and I said to Ilya: “Yes this is going to be the one – f*ck all the rest!”.


I clearly remember saying to everyone else, as we were walking back to our old office, that if I ever take a permanent office, it would be here because of the certain style and vibe."

So what is your favorite aspect about the Brain Embassy, or what is it that made you decide to become a member?


"You have fixed offices, open space and coworking space all mixed. I've been at two other coworking spaces and they’re not like this at all; it’s never mixed. You meet people, you start talking to each other. The kind of entrepreneurs that are here are much more in line with my style of doing business.

Plus, if you sit here on Friday until 8 p.m., there are still people here until then or there are people that come in very early. There’s a hard work mentality here: we work super hard but also sometimes just play ping pong during the afternoon, lunch or during an afterwork.


And of course, the ping pong table and the events that are organized."


The mentality here really won me over.

What is your favourite spot here in BE?


"My favorite place is on the second floor, in the corner behind the container. There you have a whiteboard and bean bags; a place that not a lot of people use. I like to have a whiteboard so I can draw, because I have a very visual mind.


And the view! I'm used to Antwerp now, but imagine you go to a meeting in Ghent and there's a start-up in a place like this, then you would think, wow, how crazy is this place!"


Everyone who comes here - potential customers or trainees - always say: “There is so much light, and you can see so many things”.


Do you have a fixed work pattern or ritual?


"I always start early; I'm usually in the office by 7:30. I try to start early because from 9-9:30 clients start calling and then whole team is also already in the office. Then you just get disturbed more often.


Also: I never eat in front of my computer, because I think it's very important that you take time for yourself and eat something decent. You also have different kinds of conversations with your colleagues then. We talk about going out, about boyfriends or girlfriends or about living alone. "

Sharing is caring: what is your brightest tip, trick, life hack or mantra?

"Networking is super important; super, super, super important! I've noticed that the last year at Karel De Grote, teachers knew me and because of that I have a big network now. This is also because of the different coworking spaces I've been to, plus I'm also in the Beerschot business.  


When you’re networking, it's funny how you get to know someone and then you don't hear from them for a year or two and then suddenly they send you an email via LinkedIn or call you. Either they need you or a fellow associate or someone I know is going to send me an email. That's the power of networking.


What I would also like to say to young entrepreneurs: dare to come forward, because you are not the only one. Certainly, student entrepreneurs and also young entrepreneurs; you start with something, everyone laughs at you and then I see a lot of doubt or them trying to make it seem smaller than it is.


So, talk about it! Don’t make it seem small!"

Favourite BE-drink?


"I drink at least 3 coffees a day, I guess that says it all. " *laughs*

Do you cook often or are there any hotspots where you enjoy going to lunch?


"I once made bacon and eggs :)

I’m not doing it enough, but we're going to make it a weekly thing. We recently made a rule that everyone must be in the office every Tuesday. We will try to cook together every Tuesday!  

The kitchen is definitely a big advantage, and the well-equipped meeting rooms! Lots of nooks and crannies that have a whiteboard for example."


Team brain embassy

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