Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your profession?

“Sure! I am Nadi and I work for Stock2be, a family business thatoperates in the wholesale industry of B branding clothing and footwear. AtStock2be I provide multiple services such as Sales/Social media managing, SDRagent, and designing the virtual merchandise of the physical shops in Antwerplocated in Merksem, Mortsel and Loenhout.”

What is your favourite spot @the Brain Embassy Antwerp?

“Defenitly the 1st floor in the corner which appeals like a private train cabin.”


So what is your favorite aspect about the Brain Embassy, or what is it that made you decide to become a member?

“It’s a really big coworking space, so there are always people around. And they are nice people with a collaborative mindset. We already worked together with a fellow co-worker on producing a video for Conversation Starter!”

“Antwerp has a small and dispersed startup ecosystem. How great would it be to see it grow and become less dispersed by more interesting startups joining us at the Brain Embassy! ”

“Oh, but what actually really won us over, is the ping pong table. Although I must admit that I need to urgently improve my skills. Who’s up for a game?”


The Brain embassy is a perfect fit for the ones that are looking for a professional quiet place to work yet combined with a social community based on a top location!

Any workday rituals you stick to every day?

“Counting my blessings and evaluating my daily patterns of the day every morning and evening with the 6-minute dairy of Dominik Spenst, I also use it to check mark my daily goals. In the office, I stretch every 20min during my work. “

Sharing is caring: What is your brightest tip, trick, lifehack or mantra?

“You have a no, but a yes is always available! Never be afraid of asking or manifesting what you desire, because you deserve all that your heart communicates with you.”

We heard that you have a side hustle, can you tell us more about that?

“Yes, with pleasure! I have lived as a digital nomad in Thailand for 1 year and during my stay there I started to DJ.”


“As I just got back 1 month ago in Belgium, I wanted to continue my passion for sharing music. But it is not easy to get into the music community, so I signed up for a couple of DJ contests I won 2 of them, and one of them is for the edition Open Air Club Vaag on 4 September. Very excited about this and I welcome all Embassy members to join this event!”


“Do you like Deep House or Minimal Techno? Then you are more than welcome to visit my social media for some tunes by following, liking, or sharing to support your Brain Embassy Artists.”

Thank you so much, Nadi. We are really happy to have you in our community. Have a bright day!

Team brain embassy

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