Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your profession?

“I’m the co-founder and CEO of Conversation Starter, a platform solution that facilitates networking at all types of business events, both online and in-person. We love the opportunity to connect entrepreneurs via our software, who would otherwise never meet! 

Every month we also host ‘Afterhours’, a free online networking event for entrepreneurs. This way they can connect and test our platform at the same time. If this sounds interesting, sign up for the guestlist of our next edition!”

“Our door is also always open for new talent. If this speaks to you and you also feel excited about making these connections happen, check out the open positions on our website and let’s meet up. We have the perfect platform for it!” *laughs*

How did you get to know the Brain Embassy Antwerp?

“Through a ton of ads on Instagram. It’s true what they say: in order for people to convert, they need to see your brand at least 6 times! Having visited this place and seeing it in real life, we were quickly convinced this is where we want to spend our workdays.”


So what is your favorite aspect about the Brain Embassy, or what is it that made you decide to become a member?

“It’s a really big coworking space, so there are always people around. And they are nice people with a collaborative mindset. We already worked together with a fellow co-worker on producing a video for Conversation Starter!”

“Antwerp has a small and dispersed startup ecosystem. How great would it be to see it grow and become less dispersed by more interesting startups joining us at the Brain Embassy! ”

“Oh, but what actually really won us over, is the ping pong table. Although I must admit that I need to urgently improve my skills. Who’s up for a game?”

The Brain embassy is a perfect fit for the ones that are looking for a professional quiet place to work yet combined with a social community based on a top location!

What is your favourite spot at the Brain Embassy?

My favourite spot is definitely the couch in the ‘living room’, with the little tables that neatly slide over the couch so you can easily work with your laptop. It’s the perfect place to dive into some challenging work! But coming in close is the standing desk in our Conversation Starter office. It’s great how they thought about ergonomics in this place.”

Any workday rituals you stick to every day?

“Every morning we hold a standup meeting with our team, a good way to quickly spot collaboration opportunities for the day. I also play table tennis every day a couple of times. It clears my mind and moving around is healthy! And finally, a day without drinking Club Mate is a day without any work getting done - I prefer it over coffee.”

Sharing is caring: What is your brightest tip, trick, lifehack or mantra?

“Start collecting the dots! Yes, collecting, you heard it right!” *laughs*

“Entrepreneurial journeys often sound like crazy chains of lucky moments (finding that brilliant co-founder, that one major first client, etc.). But you can proactively make your luck happen by collecting dots. Gather diverse industry experiences, personal connections and knowledge. Each brings in new dots. Then at some point, you'll be in a unique position to connect your dots in a unique way - like Steve Jobs said in his brilliant speech.”

“You can collect dots by attending diverse events (like our Afterhours), reading books, organizing meetups or asking smart people out for coffee. Or joining a coworking space full of diverse people of course. I truly recommend the Brain Embassy!”

Thank you so much, Rutger. We are really happy to have you in our community. Have a bright day!

Team brain embassy

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