Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your profession?

"My name is Thomas Kuypers, Kuypers with a K. and I’m turning 30 this month, so it is a big month for me. But I’m very lucky because I’m going to celebrate my birthday in New York this year.


I have a background in digital marketing and in the last couple of years, I have worked as a digital marketeer for two different start-ups.

Ever since I was 15 years old I've been interested in video. This is mostly because of my dad, who always carried a little camera with him. I used to take it from him and eventually I bought myself a go pro. That's where it all started ... "

How did you get to know the Brain Embassy Antwerp?

"Through Thierry, from BetterGrowth. We met once and he told me that he already tested the place and asked me if I wanted to join him. Oh and, my brother-in-law Tom Wijnendale also recommended it to me.


I was mostly looking for a place where I could meet other people and network, since I mostly had been working from home due to corona. I had also quit my job because of corona, then in the middle of the pandemic I started with the freelance work, so I did everything from home."


So what is your favorite aspect about the Brain Embassy, or what is it that made you decide to become a member?


"The accessibility, very central, close to the central station. The people, all of those young entrepreneurs together, young companies. This makes it interesting to get to know people from different companies and who perform different activities."

"But mostly, I like the vibe! Like the table tennis table, which is something small but gives the place a younger look and feel, the same with the atmosphere. But also, the events that are being organized are amazing. You guys really try to keep the community together."

It really is a luxury being able to cook here. 

What is your favourite spot here in BE?


“My own desk” *laughs*


"I sit behind my own desk a lot, but that is mostly because I use a second screen, due to the fact that I need a lot of space on my screen to edit videos. But other than that, I really like the open space on the third floor, and rooms like Alma and Bosuil. Because in the last one there is a big whiteboard, which makes it a very productive place for me.

But there are a lot of fun spots, like the kitchen on the third floor, which is amazing. It is a luxury to cook your own lunch occasionally."


Do you have a fixed work pattern or ritual?


"Not specifically, but I do have a little routine: first I pass by the reception desk and only then I go to the third floor, because I like to say 'Hi' to everyone first. Then I grab my coffee and sit at my desk so I can get to work."


"After lunch, when I feel the blues a bit, I tend to stand up behind my standing desk. I’ve noticed that helps to stay a bit more active instead of slumping down on the chair."


Sharing is caring: what is your brightest tip, trick, life hack or mantra?


"I watch a lot of YouTube and I’ve already learnt a lot from it. There is only one quote that stuck with me.

- Do what you can't -

Just do it, even if you don’t know how to start. Just try it; you’ll probably fail the first time, but keep trying. I do have a “we’ll see-vibe” or an “everything will be fine-vibe”. I always try to think “it’ll be fine, don’t stress too much”. I’m a very calm person, which is what everyone tells me.

I may not always be in the best mood, but I always remain chill and that gives people a good feeling and makes it easy to work together. Especially when I need to film clients, because it’s not easy putting yourself in front of a camera. I prefer being behind the camera myself, but I always try to make people feel comfortable and it seems like I’ve been doing a good job according to the feedback, which is a great compliment."


Favourite BE-drink?


"Coffee! Black coffee! But I try to limit it to two coffees a day, one in the morning and one after lunch. I drink a lot of water and coffee in general, so I’m also a huge fan of the cooled sparkling water that you guys provide!"


Do you cook often or are there any hotspots where you enjoy going to lunch?


"I often go to Oliver’s around the corner. Most people take a sandwich, but I like to take a salad because I try to watch what I eat during the week. It really has become sort of a habit and their salads are great. Highly recommended! You can choose what you want in your salad, and it may not be the most original lunch, but very good!"


I also went on a walk with Thierry once to the MAS and there was an omelet food truck in front of it, which was also great as lunch. We do our best to get to know the neighbourhood a bit."


"Dries also makes a lot of lunches for us; from just a chicken salad or a good omelet to a wrap made of lettuce. It really is a luxury being able to cook here."

How did you get to collaborate with An from Xelyo?


"An, who has been here for a while already, was looking for someone who could help her with a video for their reception. She wanted an aftermovie of the event that she was organizing and asked me if I could help. And yes, of course I want to help if it has something to do with making a video.

So, it is fun that collaborations like this arise. Just like I made the video for An, I also made something for Conversation Starter and I just took some pictures of Peter this week. It is nice that I can help the community like this, which in turn is an added value."


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